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What to know about renting a boat in Arzon, France

Even though it’s a tiny town, there’s no shortage of boats and water experiences you can have while staying in Arzon. Rent a sailboat or charter a yacht for a day of cruising in the Quiberon Bay with a professional captain. You’ll enjoy lovely views of the coastline of Arzon and surrounding French towns from the deck of your boat. On a day tour, you can visit the nearby islands of Belle-Ile, Houat, Hoedic and Groix.

Sleep aboard options are available if you’d prefer to extend your boating experience over the course of several days or even a week! Charter a yacht with a full-service crew to provide meals and a luxurious experience out at sea.

Scuba diving is a popular watersport in Arzon. Daily trips leave by rib boat and take divers of different experience levels to interesting sites. Try out a scuba charter with your adventurous family and explore beneath the surface while in Arzon.

Another experience to have while in Arzon is going on a fishing charter. The Gulf of Morbihan surrounding Arzon is a wonderful location to catch fish, and there are specialty oyster fishing trips available. Go with an experienced local guide who will take you to the best locations for reeling in a great daily catch.

Boating Events in Arzon

In Arzon, there are small sailing regattas and boating events put on throughout the summer by the marina in Port Crouesty.

Other Things To Do

There are a lot of beautiful walks you can take while staying in Arzon to admire the lovely scenery of the town. For hiking, head to Île d'Arz, an archipelago of islands. Spend a day walking these quiet islands and exploring on foot a different way of life. It’s a real glimpse into old French culture and what it would be like to live in a sleepy seaside town.

An interesting landmark to see is the Cairn du Petit Mont, an ancient monument situated on a gorgeous hill. The Gavrinis tomb is worth checking out, it is a structure from the Neolithic period of France and contains megalithic art and carvings.

Marinas in Arzon

Because of its small size, there is only one marina in Arzon, Port Crouesty. At this port, there are lots of gorgeous boats moored in berths, and there are nearby restaurants and bars to stop in for a meal or drinks. It's also a good place to go shopping. Watch the sunset over the water and enjoy a nice evening walking around the port. The staff can give you advice on where to go boating around Arzon to help you plan the perfect day.

About Arzon

Arzon is a commune in the Brittany region of northwest France. It’s a classic French seaside town. Admire the big bays of bright blue water, classic houses, and churches. Go for a walk and you'll see plenty of boats sailing about in the harbor and surrounding coast. It’s considered to have the longest coastline in France, as it’s on a peninsula. You’re never far from the sea while in Arzon.

The best time to visit this area of France is during the summer. It’s a resort city that comes alive between the months of April and September. The winter months are very quiet with not much to do, as it can be cold weather.

To get to Arzon, the closest major airport is Nantes, which is an hour and a half drive from Arzon. You can also take a flight to nearby Lorient Airport and Airport Rennes Bretagne and drive, or take a ferry into the port. Arzon is a five-hour drive from Paris.

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